How I created a sweet and dreamy nursery for Miss B

January 12, 2022

Miss B is going on five months and we’ve moved her into a brand new nursery. Out of my four children – she’s the first to have her very own, beautifully designed room. 

With my first three, things were different. My husband Ed and I were young and found it financially challenging to create the perfect nursery. Nevermind the time to plan and design it – but the cost for furniture, window coverings, lighting and accent pieces was a real barrier. 

The first crib we purchased for my first born was bought second-hand. It was then used for my second and third born. When we sold our house a few years ago, we finally got rid of that Kijiji crib. A few years later I found out I was pregnant with Miss B. So, we decided to get a new crib, and design a full nursery for her. It made me burst with joy just thinking about it…especially when I was gifted the most beautiful crib from a good friend of mine.

That friend of mine was Sophie, an expert interior designer who knows exactly how to curate unique and timeless pieces for any space. She made the nursery design process much less daunting.

The planning of Miss B’s sweet and dreamy nursery started with one important piece – Sophie’s generous gift of a mint-condition Restoration Hardware crib. It was originally given to her from her own mother, as a gift, and when she passed it along to me her only request was that I gift it to another family when Miss B grows it. It was then that Sophie shared with me the most beautiful story.

She told me that most European countries have their own customs and traditions that are often region or town specific. In the small town in Greece, where her family originates, the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” was taken very seriously. In fact, it was a tradition to always gift the crib – once your own child outgrew it – with the promise that it would always be gifted forward.  Hence, this connected moms and their babies across the village – for decades to come.

Sophie told me that she remembered her grandmother telling her the story and immediately knew that she would honour the family tradition. It made me tear up to hear that she couldn’t have picked a better mom and baby.  

Besides her generous gift of the crib, Sophie spent time with me to perfect the vision I had for Miss B’s new room. Here’s a few tips I’ve learned about designing a newborn nursery: 

A simple item can inspire the whole design

By starting with a statement piece – such as a luxurious crib – you can design a room that is elegant and functional. Make sure you cover the necessities – a designated place for sleeping, changing, nursing and playing. 

Don’t go overboard with a theme 

Use neutral colors to create a dreamy environment that’s calm and non-stimulating, that way the room will grow with baby. Be sure to give attention to the room lighting (and that goes for natural light too), air filtration and noise control.  

Incorporate heirlooms for a personal touch

A nursery symbolizes a fresh start, but it’s also an opportunity to create connections to the past. I’ve always felt it’s important to build a strong sense of family in your newborn’s room. That’s why I am so grateful for Sophie’s gift.

I’ll never be able to thank Sophie enough for helping to bring Miss B’s nursery to life. If you’re interested in connecting with her on an upcoming design project, you can connect with her via email.