How to Select the Right Photographer

July 5, 2021

Parents spend so much time, research and money on getting the best crib, stroller and gadgets, but what about selecting the best photographer? We’ve come up with some tips to selecting the right photographer for you:

• Lifestyle vs. studio photography: Lifestyle photography usually involves going to a client’s home, using natural light to photography the subject. The shoot is very minimalistic, with no props, instead using the home as the backdrop. On the other hand, studio sessions are posed, using props, accessories, and backdrops to make for a very artistic final product.

• Personality: getting along with the photographer is crucial. You need to make sure you are on the same page in terms of what you want to achieve with the session, and what you want the final product to be. Any questions that you might have should be answered in the initial consultation.

• Testimonials: plenty of samples and recommendations from other people will ensure that you feel comfortable during the shoot. Babies can be fussy, and you need to find someone who has experience, and can handle all the difficulties that can come during a newborn session. Checking out their Facebook page, website and asking friends is the best way to find someone who you can trust.

• Specialization: does the photographer do a bit of everything or have a narrow focus? This could be both good and bad depending on what you are looking for. A photographer specializing in newborn photos will have a greater understanding of what is involved with getting the perfect shot. However, someone with a broader range of experience might also bring valuable skills to the table, and be able to give a wider variety of shots.
Ultimately, finding someone who is passionate about what they do is most important.

• Availability: since there is only a small window of time to take a newborn photo, finding someone who can accommodate your request is crucial. Most newborn photographers only take a certain number of bookings a month to ensure they can fit in the uncertainty of delivery dates.
Safety and comfort: safety is the most important concern when dealing with newborns, as they are so precious and fragile. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the photographer, ask all the questions you want, and leave feeling satisfied that your baby is going to be in good hands.

• Investment: newborn photography can be quite pricey, but is definitely worth the investment. There is only a small window of time to take newborn photos, and the whole experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While price is important, it is not everything, and ultimately can be one of the best decisions, and investments, that you have ever made.