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A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience: Capture the Magic of Motherhood with our Gold-Leaf Foil and Glitter Paint Maternity Photography – Lil' One Photography

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience: Capture the Magic of Motherhood with our Gold-Leaf Foil and Glitter Paint Maternity Photography

June 17, 2023

A maternity photoshoot is an essential and empowering experience for expectant mothers. It captures the beauty, love, and anticipation of pregnancy, creating a tangible reminder of this transformative journey. 

These images hold so much sentimental value and serve as a source of inspiration and connection for both the mother and her loved ones. As a photographer, I am honoured to witness and capture these precious moments, ensuring that the radiance of motherhood is celebrated and preserved for years to come.

That’s why, here at Lil’ One Photography, we’re offering an incredible new style of maternity photography – so you can have the full experience of working with us to capture your pregnancy and newborn photos. And I’m excited to announce that we’re collaborating with maternity photographer and creative director Maria Damian. Read on to learn about how Maria is elevating the maternity photography game with her aesthetic artistry and creativity. 

Q: Maria, how long have you been specializing in maternity photography?

A: I started specializing in it about five years ago when I was pregnant. I was researching Eastern European photographers and found that I didn’t see any similar services in Toronto. So, I went back home (to Ukraine) to take a few masterclasses from leading Ukrainian maternity photographers. I then sourced some of the luxurious outfits I had seen and started specializing in this niche immediately after returning to Toronto. 

Q: What inspired you to focus on maternity photography as a niche?

A: Pregnancy is the most magical time in a woman’s life. It’s a miracle what happens with our bodies! When I was pregnant, I was trying to find maternity clothes and was shocked at how difficult it was to find stylish outfits. I also know that traditionally, women used to hide growing bellies in many cultures. Some women are shy about being naked in front of their partners. I want to show that during pregnancy – our bodies are still beautiful and curves are sexy – we shouldn’t be shy; we should be proud that we create life.

Q: What sets your maternity photography apart from other photographers in the industry?

A: When I started, I heard from some of my acquaintances that my style wouldn’t be popular because it was too sexy and too dark. I was told that pregnant women like lighter and more tender pictures. But I want to be provocative with my shots. So I decided to go against the grain and take a different approach to how we appreciate beauty in pregnancy. And we do this with various wardrobe choices (including custom-made dresses that I designed), hair styling, and makeup that we offer. It means our offer is unique, and you couldn’t find anything similar from other photographers.

Q: How do you help expecting mothers feel comfortable and confident during a photoshoot?

A: First, I believe every woman who comes to me is the most beautiful in the world. And that’s the first thing I tell them when they enter the studio. 

Another important thing is my team. Our makeup artist Elena is just as inspired with ideas as I am. She also sees every woman’s beauty and knows how to bring it out in them. 

We create a friendly and positive atmosphere during the session. I help with posing and choosing a wardrobe. We joke and laugh a lot during the sessions. But the highest compliment is when after the session, I hear from husbands that they also had fun, and it was easy and interesting for them!

Q: Can you walk me through a typical maternity photoshoot session with you?

A: Elena, the makeup artist, and I usually arrive together. Preparing for the photo shoot takes approximately two hours – during this time, we discuss with clients their expectations about the session. I tell them what I need from them; we choose outfits; I prepare all the props, and we chit-chat about fun girly things.

At that time, I create the mood board. Sometimes we decide we need extra props, for example, flowers – if so, I pop out to purchase some. 

After we finish with makeup and hair, we talk about posing. I explain the essential tips and tricks about posing, and we start the session. I usually start with the most revealing outfit to break the ice. At first, almost everyone is insecure about themselves. After I take the first shot and show it to the client, they are usually very impressed and can’t believe it’s them. It helps them to open up and feel more confident during the rest of the session. 

It’s important to me that clients feel comfortable during the session. I don’t want them to struggle or get tired. If they need a break, I offer them to sit and have some water, juice or grab a snack.

Q: What is your favourite part of a maternity photoshoot, and why?

A: Every client is unique. So my goal is to find an approach that helps them open up. I love to see this transformation… How shy women may be at the beginning of our session and how grateful and confident they are by the end of it.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use for your maternity photography, and why did you choose that equipment?

A: In the studio, besides strobe lights, we use a smoke machine to create more mystical effects. Sometimes I even use a flashlight. Recently, we ordered a custom-made structure I use to create photos with special visual effects – like the picture where the woman is suspended in the air.  

Q: Can you share some of your favourite maternity photos that you have taken and what makes them unique to you?

A: It’s tough to share just one! I do love the first picture that I did with the suspension. The video of the creation process and result become viral on Tik Tok. 

One of my other favourite portraits is one with the butterflies. The light and the look of the model give off the vibe of a mystical atmosphere.

Q: How did you first become interested in using gold leaf and glitter in your photography?

A: I saw it once on Instagram, and I was very impressed with how beautiful it looks. I immediately started to look for how to recreate this photography style, and I found a photographer in Ukraine who gave me a masterclass on it.

Q: What kind of effect does gold leaf or glitter application have on the overall look and feel of the photos?

A: I think that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For me, the final result is just unprecedented luxe… with a sparkling Great Gatsby vibe. At a deeper level, it’s unbelievable how external brilliance can attract and cause admiration, but the most beautiful and mysterious remains inaccessible to the eyes – that baby is growing inside of mom and it’s a miracle – that’s why she glows. I want to connect that highlight this maternal glowing with outer sparkle.

A: Can you walk us through the process of creating a gold leaf or glitter photo, from concept to final product?

Q: In our studio, we have approximately 35 different colours of foil and glitter. First, we decide on the client’s favourite colour, and then I show all the shades of this colour we have. The whole process of applying takes about 30 to 40 minutes. I won’t tell you all my secrets, but I’d like to highlight that we use all safe materials. For example, the same gold leaf confectionaries use to decorate cakes. 

We have a shower in the studio, and clients can wash everything off after the session. 

Q: What kind of feedback do you usually receive from clients and audiences about your gold-leaf foil photography, and how does it make you feel?

A: This style of photography is only for some. Some clients come to me just for these pictures, and others don’t want to do this because it’s too much for them. That said, I have clients from different parts of Ontario and even the USA who have come to me for these photoshoots. And that makes me happy.

Q: What kind of feedback do you usually receive from your clients after they receive their final photos?

A: Almost every woman tells us they had a great experience, loved the process and how fast time has flown since our session. 

I received a lot of different feedback after delivering the final products. Sometimes it’s more restrained, sometimes very emotional, and I’ve even had clients cry tears of joy.

This month, Lil’ One Photography is offering a special offer for gold-leaf foil and glitter paint application for your maternity photo session. Add gold-leaf foil and glitter paint to your session – for free – but only for sessions booked during the month of June (a value of $200). Connect with us today to book your session.